Liling Jiahua Porcelain Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Corporate name:Liling Jiahua Porcelain Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Company phone:86-0731-23383638
Company phone:86-0731-23383486
Address:Wushi Village,Jiashu Town,Liling City,Hunan Province,China

Company Profile

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    Liling Jiahua Porcelain Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Liling --one of four famous porcelain cities in China. Founded in 1994 and occupying 40,000 square meters in area, the company engages in both production and trade business. With more than 400 employees, it annually produces more than 20,000,000 colored glaze porcelain pieces -- eastern and western dinner sets, tea sets, and coffee mugs with various shapes and colors.

    For the high-quality products and perfect service, Jiahua has attracted customers all over the world, such as America, Europe, Australia, the Mid-East and South Africa. Pursuing the principle of "Quality First, Reputation First, and Customer First", Jiahua will always guarantee its best products and services for you.

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